How does loxal work?

It’s not rocket science, but it is pretty ingenious if we may say so ourselves. Check it out!

Create valuable and loyal costumers

Loxal helps you turn that once-a-year client into a repeat customer. By creating a Loxal program you can reward customers for their loyalty. That means they’ll be coming back again and again to accumulate points, and generate more and more sales for you. They’ll love your store so much, some will even want to sleep in it - true story.

Efficient measurable marketing

You’ve never had this much information at your fingertips. By simply creating a loyalty program, you’ll immediately get access to your store’s analytics. This will intuitively allow you to understand your customer’s shopping behavior and also measure the ROI of your marketing dollars.

Take the local spotlight

Become the talk of the town and generate word-of-mouth for your store. Loxal’s platform makes it super easy to communicate with existing costumers on great new products and promotions, and also allows you to acquire new customers more efficiently than any other form of advertising. It brings tears of joy to our eyes.